Brandon Yager is the Owner / Broker of Yager Realty BRE Lic. 01480844

We list properties in every city in the state of California… there are very few brokers that get to touch as many different markets and understand property sales across the state of CA as I do – and I am privledged to be able to do that.
My main office is located in Central California allowing our growing team of knowledeable Realtors and Staff Members in many cities easy access to all our clients in Northern and Southern California!

As a a traditional agent from 2004 through 2009 I have a very unique understanding and perspective of the many pitfalls that clients have experienced over our very volatile market…..everything from short sales to REO to traditional properties; massive high prices to the very lows as the market bottomed out, affecting millions of Californians and Americans! Yes I have seen it all in a very short time.
AND with all that change – today, there is a new breed of Seller emerging…a seller that has the confidence, and the willingness to control their own outcome, armed with market knowledge & education on real estate data from the internet. I am seeing a growing epidemic of sellers that refuseto list their properties and pay outrageous broker commissions – and that is only the beginning of the New Future in Real Estate!

My Team and I are leaders and advocates for sellers that have been waiting to jump on board and become part of a growing, "Do-it-Yourself" group that will gain a competitive edge on the traditional listing approach. This NOT so "new style of listing and selling" gives Control back to owners and sellers – as well as Saving them Money that they have earned for the upkeep and maintenance of Their Property – it is in fact "A Better Way" of listing and selling that is becoming very popular in California and many other states.

As an internet marketer and savvy business owner my team and I help navigate sellers to wisely invest advertising dollars in the highest returning areas as possible while we track the results the marketing produces. Without tracking & testing marketing you have no way of gauging how well your advertising campaign is doing, something that most traditional agents don’t take the time to do. This is not only a practice here at Yager Realty but a policy that remains in place at all times.

This business model is for the greater good, for consumers and clients alike, in the real estate industry; together we can make a huge impact on how properties are listed and sold by the Community with a common sense approach for us to market properties while following a simple but proven process that works every time.

If you should ever doubt this system – I’m happy to personally explain to you examples of the hundreds of clients that have shared their horror story experiences with me on why they will never go back to the traditional real estate approach, ever again. IF you’re like me and want to show the doubters that results can be accomplished easily and effortlessly then join us on this New Real Estate journey Right Now – We know you’ll appreciate the difference – so Take the Next Step and Order Now!

Yager Realty of California 
A Better Way.

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