Making the offer: Follow the instructions below or see the digital form at the bottom. You can submit your own offer if you wish. We will then get it to the listing agent (and c.c. you on all emails).

  1. We will need specific information from you on the property you're interested in and information on you.
  2. Fill out our Buyer Offer Form to create an offer for you filling in all the buyer information.  We will then DocuSign the California Purchase Offer to you. Then we will then get the offer to the listing agent.
  3. When we have the signed offer back from you I will fax or email it to the listing agent to present it. NOTE: I will also copy you on the email so you can verify we emailed the offer to the agent.
  4. We wait for a response to see if they accepted the offer. Typically though the offer is countered.
  5. We'll decide our "Counter strategy" to determine if you wish to come up and how much to come up.


  1. Your full name and names you wish to appear on the offer
  2. Your current address
  3. Address of property
  4. Offering price
  5. Amount you wish to put down
  6. An estimated closing date
  7. Any contingencies (ways to back out if need be); inspection, appraisal, pest inspection, Radon are the most common ones
  8. Occupancy, at closing or how many days after closing
  9. Amount of the deposit to hold the home
  10. How long do you want the offer good for? Usually 3 days so it's not hanging out there.
  11. You must have a pre-approval from a reputable lender, Yager Realty has 4 approved lenders so if you would like to get in contact with one of our lenders please call or email us.

Email me the above and I'll put it together for you!  email:


We have a vested interest in getting you the best terms and lowest price for your home. Please feel free to call anytime to discuss any offer situation.

A few things to keep in mind

  • Have a serious earnest money deposit, usually 1-2% of the asking price of the property.
  • Use contingencies. Contingencies are "way's out". In other words, if something goes wrong you want a way to back out of the transaction AND get your earnest money back.
  • We'll guide you through the home buying process to make it as hassle free as possible.
  • Contact Brandon Yager, broker or Shauna Yager, Realtor Owner of Yager Realty of California   Toll Free  1-855-509-2437