HomeWise Listing                            Traditional Listing

Cost                                                    $199-$699                                           6%

Commission Paid to                          We recommend 3%                          Most common 3%
Agent at Closing

Agent Friendly Yard Sign                  Yes                                                      Yes

Realtor.com, Zillow &                        Yes                                                      Yes
everywhere the MLS goes

Source of Most Buyers                      MLS Listing                                      MLS Listing

Provide Market Analysis                   Yes, Upon Request                            Yes

Buyer Agents Show Listing              Yes                                                      Yes

List Within 1 Busines Day                 Yes                                                      Usually

Agent-friendly Lockboxes                 Yes                                                      Yes

Top Producing Agent                         Yes, our Broker has 28                     Probably not,
                                                             years in the business                       depends on agent

List in YOUR local MLS?                   Yes                                                      Yes

Help available for Negotiating          Yes                                                      Yes

Help Available for Closing                Yes                                                      Yes

Cancel at any time                             Yes                                                      No for most listings