Did you know that only a Realtor can list properly in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)? Did you know that Realtors own the MLS?

Many web-sites you will find on the internet are referral companies.   Meaning they take your money and refer you to a broker in your area....splitting what you pay them with the broker.  In other words...the referral company is the middle man....between you and the broker who will list your property.  The most glaring problem with these companies is that the seller does not get to chose the Realtor, the referral company chooses the listing agent for the seller.

The other HUGE fact to be sure of is to KNOW that the buyer agent commission you are offering gets published in the MLS just exactly like traditional listings. If you talk to a company that won't commit to showing the full buyer agent commission you are offering, for your own sake, don't list with that company.  We show the full buyer agent commission on every listing, we always have and we always will.  To do less puts our seller's home sale in jeopardy.  Agents tend not to want to show listings that show $1 (yes. you read right...one dollar) buyer agent commission.

We are Realtors and we sell homes!  Deal directly with our licensed broker ... NOT with a referral company.  We are not new to fee-tor-service....we've been listing fee-for-service since June of 2001.

We have relationships with the various Realtor boards throughout the state of Ohio and are here to provide top quality service for ALL of our listings!   At HomeWise you always deal directly with the broker.

We are the direct source.  We offer better service, better pricing, multiple photos on the MLS and Realtor.com PLUS hundreds of additional web sites.  The referral companies CANNOT offer you this.

How do you know if you are dealing with a referral company?  Just simply ask if you are speaking with the broker that will be listing your home, if the answer is no, then call us 614-432-7325 (that's our broker's cell phone!).  List  direct with us and get the service you want, need and deserve!

Our goal is 100% satisfaction so you will refer us to all of your friends and family, to your co-workers and the people at your church, to everyone you know!. We want everyone to know that we are on the job, creating a win-win way of selling real estate, so they won't ever have to pay high fees ever again!

The beautiful thing about this program is that it fully cooperates with all Realtors, since they'll earn their commission when they bring you the buyer and your listing looks like any full service listing on the MLS and it goes everywhere the MLS goes.

The sooner you get started, the sooner our professional real estate community can begin to help you get your house SOLD!   We'll work at your pace getting your listing up and running on the MLS...take as little or as long as you need.


Sharon Y. Jebavy has been a licensed Realtor in the State of Ohio since early 1989. and a broker since 1996. She holds a degree in real estate and has in excess of 1500 classroom hours in real estate.  Sharon served on the State of Ohio task force which wrote the Limited Service Law...this is what governs flat fee listing in Ohio.

Sharon has also earned the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation from the National Association of Realtors.  Understanding buyers is a huge help when negotiating on behalf of her sellers!

The mission of HomeWise is to create alternatives to the traditional way of selling real estate, giving sellers an opportunity to take advantage of the professional help of a Realtor, while at the same time, saving them literally thousands of dollars.  Since mid-2001, Sharon has helped thousandss of sellers save thousands of dollars in commissions! Sharon is the original flat fee broker in Ohio, blazing the trail to a better way to sell which landed her story on the front page of The Wall Street Journal in 2005.

With HomeWise deal directly with your broker and get the service you deserve with attention to detail you want and the promptness you need. We will get it right!
Email Sharon with any questions you may have at sharon@homewisemls.com.