Many web-sites you will find on the internet are referral companies, meaning they take your money and refer you to a broker in your area.  They find a broker who will agree to split the fee with them and then they are gone.   You then have a relationship for selling your home with a broker you have never spoke to and don't know, who has been paid a very small fee to get you listed.  In other words...the referral company is the middle man....between you and the broker who will list your property.   The most glaring problem with these companies is that the seller does not get to chose the Realtor....the referral company chooses the listing agent for the seller. 

Did you know that only a Realtor can list property in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?  Did you know that Realtors own the MLS?

We are Realtors and we sell homes!  Deal directly with our licensed broker ... NOT with a referral company.  We are not new to fee-for-service....we've been listing fee-for-service since June of 2001.

We have relationships with the various Realtor boards throughout the state of Ohio and are here to provide top quality service for ALL of our listings!  At HomeWise you always deal directly with the broker. 

We are the direct source.  We offer better service, better pricing, multiple photos on the MLS and® PLUS hundreds of additional web sites.    The referral companies CANNOT offer you this

How do you know if you are dealing with a referral company?  Just simply ask if you are speaking with the broker that will be listing your home.  If the answer is no, then call us!  (614-432-7325  (that's our broker's cell phone!).  List direct with us and get the service you want, need and deserve!