As a seller, if you've chosen "Full Service", you've chosen wisely.  Many agents simply don't like dealing directly with home sellers. Who can blame them?  Some sellers get it but many sellers are absolutely clueless as to "Protocol" and how things are done between buyer agents and listing agents.  Even the slightest mistake can result in the loss of a possible sale.  Even after an offer is signed deals have been blown by sellers because they have no clue on how things are done. The deal falls apart, valuable time is lost because the home was off the market with potentially disastrous consequences.   Full service takes the "Fear Factor" out of the equation.  While there are no guarantees of a successful closing, the odds are increased substantially.

  • Help schedule showings, making your property available for showings as much as possible.
  • Have ZERO interaction with the buyer agent if you speak or meet them.
  • Look, walk and smell like a regular listing done with any traditional Realtor.  Any deviation from this may result in the buyer agent becoming confused as to how to proceed.  When buyer agents get confused they question the type of listing, if it's FSBO and whether or not they'll get paid!
  • NEVER EVER discuss terms or price!  I cannot stress this enough. Don't give an agent any information at all. Tell them they should ask your agent any questions.
  • No texting or calling the buyer agent EVER.
  • Read up on "Agency"!  We are your "Sellers agent" with a duty to you. The buyer agent is just that, a "Buyer's Agent" with a fiduciary duty to the buyer and typically cannot interact with you the seller. If they do the chances are they are pumping you for free info. This is like a card game, so don't give away your cards!  Please read here on agency: 
  • ALL offers are to be sent to us.  We will forward the offer to you.  Many agents don't read the instructions in the MLS which clearly state all offers go to the  listing agent.
  • Never call an agent for feedback. That's like asking "How was the food"? They'll tell you what you want to hear.  As mentioned above, NO interaction with buyer agents verbally or texting.

The bottom line:  We are here to help.  We've found some sellers are chomping at the bit for an offer and will do anything for it including almost begging the buyer agent for feedback or an offer.  Also, if you as a seller are texting and calling buyer agents we have no idea what's doing on so cannot help. This activity gives the impression to the buyer agent that you are desperate.  We HIGHLY discouage this behavior.

The best course of action is to work through us so we can see that everything is in your best interest…that is why you have hired us.

This should help guide you.

Sharon Jebavy
Broker / Owner
HomeWise Real Estatae, LLC