(Note, the above is an example only. Commission rates vary by state law, it could be higher or lower.)
Building a new, custom home? Buying a new home?
Building with a custom builder like Toll Brothers, Pulte or any other builder?

If you're looking for your next home, why not get paid to do it?

We are a full service real estate company with over 20 years of experience and hundreds of files closed. You sacrifice nothing by using us. We are here to guide you through the home buying process and fully represent you NO DIFFERENT than any other buyer’s agent. Our rebate is simply an incentive for you to work with us. If you're searching for a home, why not get paid to do it?

Your real estate rebate will be on your closing statement. It can be used as a credit toward the purchase price of your home or against closing costs. Here’s what the DOJ (Department of Justice) says on Rebate, see the article here...

How to earn buyer real estate rebate at closing!

Step #1: Make sure you inform any agent you come in contact with that you already have an agent, The Resource Group, LLC. If you do not do this that agent will assume you are their buyer! This is critical! Simply tell them you already have a buyer's agent and you're just out looking at homes.

Step#2: If you've just begun searching and have questions, email us at

Seeing homes you're interested in: Remember, the listing agent represents the seller, NOT YOU, THE BUYER. Therefore, it would be rare for a listing agent to let you in to view a home. The easiest thing to do is simply stop by the home and ring the doorbell!

If the seller is home, introduce yourself as a buyer. Show them our "Smart Buy" form which tells them you are for real and legitimate. You should also leave them with this AND a copy of your mortgage approval. You should not look for homes unless you have been formally approved!

Step #3: Get pre approved: Most agents don't want to show a home to you unless you've been pre approved.

  • When you're ready to make an offer, a pre-approval letter lends credibility and is almost a requirement from listing agents. Most offers won't be presented unless the offer has a pre-approval letter with it.

Step # 4: Again, as you're searching for homes you will invariably speak to agents. Make sure you let them know that you already have an agent. Otherwise they will think you are their prospective buyer.

Step #5: Once you find a home we will provide you with our Rebate Contract. This verifies the rebate you'll receive at closing.

Calculating your rebate: The more work you do finding your home, the higher the rebate. The concept is simple. We know that you're actively searching for homes. The less time we spend showing you homes, the more you get back at closing.

  1. IF you're buying a new home from a builder in a subdivision just let the builder / developer know you have an agent and you receive the rebate. This is very simple on new homes!

    # of days / times we show you homes % of Rebate earned
    0-1 day 50%
    2 days 40%
    3 days 30%
    4 days 25%
    If you have to have us show you homes more than 4 times or days you really haven’t done your homework as far as narrowing down what you’re really looking for.

    Potential resistance: Most Listing agents will expect me, your buyer’s agent to show the property. Since are not able to be there for every showing, the listing agent must show you the property, (unless there is an open house). NOTE: IT is illegal for a listing agent to give you a lockbox code to get into a vacant home.


In the past, buyer’s agents scheduled AND attended showings. True, they want their listing sold but both listing agent and buyer’s agents have their “perceived” duties to earn their commission. The listing agents phone number is generally found on the listing, if not ask us and we will get it for you.

When you call the listing agent to see their listing they may think that you don't have an agent since you're calling them direct. Inform them that you do have an agent but you wish to arrange the showing directly with them. (If you're not comfortable doing this, call us and we'll not only pull the MLS sheet and get the data on the home, we'll schedule it for you).
Occasionally, they may be offended as the listing agent expects the buyer’s agent to drive out and show you the property.

Don’t let the rebate fool you. You are fully represented. We bring over 20 years of experience and hundreds of closing to the table. As you buyer’s agent, we are committed to getting you the lowest price and best terms on your next home!

With The Resource Group, LLC, you have the best of both worlds; Low Fee MLS Listings to save you thousands selling and buyer rebates when you’re buying. We are committed to making the home buying and selling experience the best it can possibly be while saving you the most money possible.

Call us for more information or if you have questions: 303-995-4742