UNREPRESENTED BUYERS:  Referral Fee will apply in lieu of the Buyer Agent Commission.

(1)  One Percent  (1%) referral fee if Buyer is located by the Listing Brokerage and referred to Seller.  
(2)  One Percent (1%) referral fee if Buyer is located by Seller and Seller refers Buyer to Listing Brokerage.

You may Opt Out of this Option:   SELLER [     ] DOES NOT want to receive Unrepresented Buyer referrals from Listing Brokerage and “Opts Out” of Section 2.1 herein.  
The Seller will introduce (present / show) the property to the “Buyer” and the modified fee shall apply as a condition of closing, If referred, The Seller’s Agent will assist the Buyer and Seller as a Limited Agent (“In-House” Sale).  
Buyers not referred by Seller or Buyers not seeking representation, shall be required to sign an “Unrepresented Buyers Disclosure” for a waiver of any BAC portion offered to Buyer Agents.  All “Unrepresented Buyers” shall be made aware by Seller and Company that the Seller is not a “For Sale By Owner” but is at all times represented by the Company and the Sellers Agent.  *As required by all Utah Licensed MLS Member Agents, the Seller shall inquire of a Buyers Representation Status at introduction.   If the Buyer seeks representation from another MLS member Brokerage in the acquisition of the property, the “BAC” if offered over the MLS will be due to that MLS Member Brokerage.  If Buyer seeks representation from a Non-MLS Member Brokerage the BAC incentive shall be at the discretion of the Listing Brokerage. 
It is expressly understood by the Seller, if the Seller’s Agent is required to present / show the property to a Buyer, any BAC contracted will be due in full to the Company.