How our Flat Fee MLS Listing Program works: 

Traditional MLS listings normally cost a seller 6% - 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer's agent.
* With our Flat Fee MLS FSBO program - you pay a one-time low listing fee to list your home on the Flat Fee MLS Listing and
* Is is the same MLS as 6% agents but for a lot less money. Your listing looks the same as all other listings.
* If you Sell BY OWNER - you pay no buyer agent commission on the sale of your For Sale By Owner home.
* If a Buyer's agent bring you a buyer - the most you pay is 3% - (the commission is stated on the MLS per the MLS Listing Agreement) 

What do you have to do to save the 3% listing fee?
* You set up an account on our website.
* You upload your pictures into your account on our website.
* You fill out the Virgina Flat Fee MLS Listing Agreement (required by the MLS)
* You fill out the Data Input Sheets (required by the MLS)
* You answer the calls from agents to set up the appointments to see your home.

All of the above takes the average person 2-3 hours - this is what saves you the commission.  
You do need to be computer literate to do this process or you need someone to help you.