Simon Mills

Simon Mills - Broker/REALTOR®

It used to be that nothing was more painful than selling a house.  Then Mills Realty came along and changed the way people market and sell their properties. With Mills Realty you can list your property with services so that both agents and prospective buyers can find it.  With Mills Realty you determine what you pay a buyer’s agent and only have to pay that commission if an agent brings the buyer to you.  With Mills Realty you have the freedom to pay no commission to a buyer’s agent if your buyer found you on their own.  At Mills Realty this is how we do business.  Empowering the home seller with all the tools you expect from a full priced Realtor without the outrageous commissions.  We encourage you to take some time and browse our site.  As you do, jot down any questions that you have, then give us a call at 818-763-4462. We think we have a better way.  Once you take the time to learn what we are all about we think you will agree.