We normally have you listed within 1-2 business days after we receive the paperwork & photos.
We normally ship the same day you place the order, so you will have them within 2-3 business days. We ship UPS.
Yes, we put your contact info on the MLS for agents to call you if they have questions.
Your phone number and email will be available for all buyer agents to contact you direct.
Should buyers call us or email us, we give them your contact information. Our site also provides your contact info.
If you are listed under the Silver or Gold listing programs the buyer's agent will email you the contract directly. If an offer comes to us directly it will be immediately forwarded to you.
If you are listed under the Platinum or the Full Serivce (Los Angeles County only) listing programs the buyer's agent will email us the offer which we will review and then forward to you with our recommendations.
Using the Gold and Platinum plan you will have the ability to add your telephone number to the sign.
The Full Service (available in Los Angeles County only) plan will have a wood post Mills Realty sign professionally installed with the Mills Realty office number.
We started in real estate in 2001 and have been doing a hybrid model since 2006.
There are 3 main reason why homes sell. The first is price. If you set your price above market it will get no support and will not sell. If you price it at market or under your will get offers and will be in escrow within 2-weeks. The second is exposure. Under all of our listing plans you get the full MLS exposure to get your listing in front of everyone looking to buy. The third is accessiblity. You need to allow buyer's to view your property on their schedule. Be accomodating as you want to get as many people through your property as possible.
Our normal business hours are 9-5 M-F and 9-12 noon on Saturday. However we do check emails during non-business hours 7 days a week.
It is posted on the MLS for agents to see.
Yes, you may cancel your listing at anytime, unless your home is under contract.
No, only a licensed REALTOR® who is a member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) and the local MLS board can list on the MLS. There is no other way.
Ther are no additional fees under the Silver and Gold plan. If you find that the process is overwhellming you always have the option to upgrade to our Paltinum plan.  If you list with the Platinum plan there is a 1/2% fee due at closing and if you use the Full Service (Los Angeles County only) plan there is a 3/4% fee at closing.
Using the Silver and Gold plan the buyer's agent will assist with all of the paperwork. You always have the option of upgrading your service level to Platinum and they we will handle the paperwork for you. Under the Platinum and Full Service (Los Angeles County Only) programs we will handle all of the paperwork.
Many sellers do use this option. However, some have never heard of listing for a flat fee and some feel there is some catch or it is too good to be true. The more research you do, you will see this is the best way to sell a property.
Your MLS# is generated at the time we list your property on the MLS. Prior to be active on the MLS you will receive the listing sheet to review and approve. The MLS# will be on that listing sheet.
No, as your listing looks just like all other listings on the MLS. You are listed the exact same way as all other listings. How much money you pay us to list your property is not posted on the MLS and agents are not concerned with how much you paid us, they are only concerned with how much money they will make.
Listing on the MLS for a flat fee is the exact same thing as listing with a 5%-6% REALTOR®. You are just paying less money to get the exact same service. We are REALTORS® and a BROKER. Your listing looks exactly the same as all other listings. You can sell your property to someone not represented by an agent and NOT pay a buyer agent commission, however if an agent brings a buyer, that agent will need to be paid a commission. This is perfect for For Sale By Owners and all other property owners.