Flat Fee Group is a national association of Flat Fee Real estate brokers. Each broker is licensed in your state and governed by the state real estate commission. We have listed and sold thousands of properties. Please fell free is give us a call or email with any questions you may have.

Mentor Listing Realty is the Indiana broker for Flat Fee Group. We have handled thousands of home listings since starting business in 1996, and we are currently the largest discount real estate broker in Indiana.

Mentor Listing Realty serves all of Indiana, and is a member of the MLS services in more than 84 of Indiana's 92 counties. All major cities and towns are covered.

Call us at any time:
  * Mentor Listing Realty, Inc.
  * 866-269-1006
  * Principal Broker: Brian Waters, 219-472-4457 (Direct Line)