Full Service Plan
Our “full service” package is for those not comfortable with the selling process and looking for
REALTOR® guidance.

Here is what we include in our full service plan:

* Before you list, we do a CMA and discuss a selling strategy, based on your motivations.
* We will answer any questions and offer opinions during the entire process.
* When offers come in, we provide closing cost estimates, discuss contract in detail, and offer advice and opinions.
* We handle negotiations with the buyer’s agent.
* We handle negotiations for repairs, during the option period.
* We review closing statement, called the HUD1, from title company.
* And if a buyer comes to you directly, we write the contract and offer advice.

Showcase Plan

Our "showcase plan" is for those comfortable handling all aspects of the sale but only need MLS marketing.

* We provide a CMA. 
* We will answer general questions.
* You can cancel your listing at any time.