Listing on the MLS for a flat fee is exactly the same as listing with a 6% REALTOR®. You are just paying less money to get the same service. We are REALTORS® and a Broker. Your listing looks exactly the same as full-service listings. Please note: Colorado does not allow flat fee or entry only listings. This means we are required, by the Colorado Real Estate Commission and Legislature to perform more duties than just putting your home in the MLS.

Because of this, we will prepare all your paperwork electronically. The paperwork includes all the addenda and disclosures you need when an offer comes in. We also prepare your counterproposal, if needed, and your inspection resolution, if appropriate. We will review, and discuss your closing documents before closing. We order your title work and stay in touch with you, the title company, and the buyer's agent until you close. We collect 0.5% plus $250 for the transaction coordinator for these services, paid at closing if a Realtor is representing the buyer(s). If the buyer does not have a Realtor we charge 1% plus $400 for the transaction coordinator.  When the buyer is not represented will continue to represent you as your agent and the buyer(s) will be customers.
We normally have your land or home listed within 8 business hours after we receive the paperwork & photos.
Yes, we put your contact info on the MLS for agents to call you if they have questions.
Your phone number goes on the sign. Should buyers call us or email us, we give them your contact information. Our phone system also directs them to your number. Our site also provides your contact info.
Agents usually call us first to discuss your offer. Next they deliver a copy via email for our reveiw. After we review the offer it is sent on to you. We usually forward offers within about an hour of receipt. We will discuss the offer with you on the phone as needed.
We started working with sellers in 1998. 
When clients listen to our suggestions, it is about 90%. The key to selling a home is the list price. If you list your home too high, it will most likely not sell. Good quality photos are very important as well. Please make sure you return calls from Realtors promptly if you are not using take their calls.
Our normal business hours are 9-5 M-F and 9-12 noon on Saturday. However we do check email, and take calls from Realtors, during non-business hours 7 days a week.
It is posted on the MLS for agents to see.
Yes, you may cancel your listing at anytime, unless your home is under contract.
No, only a licensed REALTOR® who is member NAR (National Association of Realtors) and the local MLS board can list on the MLS. 
You pay the flat fee at the time of listing and we collect 0.5% at closing as compensation for all the duties we are required to perform by the CO Real Estate Commission if your buyer(s) are working with a Realtor. If they are not working with a Realtor the fee is 1.0% and we prepare the paperwork for you and the buyers while remaining your agent. The buyer becomes a customer.
Because Colorado does not allow strictly flat fee MLS listings, we will prepare all syour paperwork electronically. That means all the addenda and disclosures you will need when an offer comes in. We also prepare your counterproposal, if needed and your inspeciton resolution, if appropriate. We will review, and discuss with you, your closing documents before closing.
Many sellers do use this option. However, some have never heard of listing this way and some feel there is some catch or it is too good to be true. The more research you do helps you to see this is the best way to sell a property.
Your MLS# is generated at the time we list your property on the MLS. Once listed we will email you a link to your listing and your MLS number.
No, as your listing looks just like all other listings on the MLS.