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HomeZu by Simple Choice is owned and operated by Chris Carr. We want to offer our customers the best value for their real estate needs. This goes for both buyers and sellers.  We also recognize that not every customer is the same.  We offer you choices when it comes to the services you need from us.
HomeZu by Simple Choice is on the cutting edge in real estate services.  We utilize the technology available to us and to our customers to enable us to offer valuable services and a reasonable price.  Some of the technology used includes everything from the internet to things like electronic signatures.  Our new website helps us streamline much of the listing process.  Our Flat Fee MLS customers can upload their photos, complete their listing documents and sign them electronically, request changes to their MLS listing, etc.

FREE For Sale By Owner website

For Sale By Owner

MLS Flat Fee selling as a for sale by owner (FSBO) in without listing on the MLS can be very difficult. The majority of by owner listings use a real estate agent. It's challenging to market your house without the MLS. We believe that the most effective strategy to sell a property is to list for a flat cost on the MLS. The top flat fee brokers in the country are provided by Flat Fee Group. Listing on the MLS and setting an accurate price for your house are essential to selling it quickly and for top dollar.

Flat Fee Group offers a free sale by owner website when you list. You can post your listing to Facebook. This is not the key to selling but it does not hurt. Getting on the MLS with the right broker is the key to selling. Call and interview your flat fee broker today and let them guide you the sometimes very complicated process.


Nationwide Flat Fee MLS

Flat Fee Group®

The first nationwide association of independent real estate brokers is called Flat Fee Group, LLC. For a small flat price, we list your property on numerous national and local real estate websites, including Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Homes.com, and many more. The multiple listing service, also known as the MLS, is another resource we use. The best of all worlds is when you sell your house as a for sale by owner (FSBO), avoid paying a buyer agent commission, and have your property listed with an agent concurrently.

All brokers and agents with Flat Fee Group are independent and not a 3rd party referral site. You can call and interview your broker before you list. Many flat fee companies you find on the internet are 3rd party referral sites, meaning they take your listing and refer out to a broker in your state. The problem with 3rd party referral sites, you cannot interview your broker before listing and most of the time, they pick the broker willing to work for the least amount of money. You want a good flat fee broker, so choose Flat Fee Group and feel confident you are getting the right listing broker. Flat Fee Group was voted best national FLAT FEE MLS site.

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Flat Fee MLS
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Ardentown Delaware Best Flat Fee MLS

Flat Fee MLS

Flat Fee MLS is the practice in the real estate industry where a seller enters into a listing agreement with a real estate broker who accepts a flat fee rather than a percentage of the sale price for the listing side of the transaction. The buyer's broker is still typically offered a percentage though that could be a flat fee as well. A discount Ardentown Delaware REALTOR® flat fee MLS brokerage typically unbundles the services a traditional real estate brokerage offers and list the property for sale in the local multiple listing service (MLS) a la carte without requiring the seller to use its services for valuation assistance, negotiating, transaction management and showing accompaniment. See our state and city local Flat Fee MLS brokers. Most flat fee brokers do offer full service brokerage services. Many flat fee brokers are limited service brokers but we offer full service brokerage as well.

Flat fee MLS (Multiple Listing Service) real estate is a type of real estate listing service that allows property owners to list their properties for sale on the MLS for a flat fee, rather than paying a traditional real estate agent a percentage of the sale price as commission.

In this model, the property owner takes on many of the responsibilities that a traditional agent would handle, such as handling showings, negotiations, and preparing and executing the sales contract. However, by paying a flat fee listing in Ardentown Delaware to list on the MLS, the property owner has access to the same pool of potential buyers as if they had hired a full-service agent.

The cost of a flat fee MLS listing can vary depending on the company and the services offered, but it is typically much lower than the traditional commission-based model.

If you're considering a flat fee MLS listing, it's important to understand the responsibilities involved and to weigh the potential savings against the time and effort required to handle the sale process on your own. Additionally, it's a good idea to research different companies to compare their services, fees, and reputation before making a decision.


Ardentown Delaware Sale By Owner MLS - FSBO

In the by owner MLS ®, the listing agreement between the real estate broker and the property owner typically requires the broker to enter the property into the MLS and provide other contracted services, with the broker acting as what the traditional industry has coined a "limited service broker". However, the flat fee industry prefers the term a la carte broker because the services are not limited. Instead freedom of choice is expanded to allow sellers to pick from a menu of services.

Within the nontraditional real estate services market, there are multiple programs offered to sellers that share the common objective of saving the consumer money by reducing the overall expense of selling real estate. A "nontraditional service" does not automatically entail "limited service". For instance, some full-service brokers list properties under a full-service agreement but charge a "flat rate" that is not a percentage of the sales price.


Ardentown Delaware Discount Flat Fee Agents

For Sale By Owner Flat Fee MLS ( Multiple Listing Service in) is not  different from traditional real estate brokerage services. Because the MLS requires a listing agreement between a real estate broker and property owner, the rapid explosion of discount flat fee agent providers has created a gap in the States developing laws governing flat fee services provided by real estate broker. Many discount flat fee agents are way better agents than traditional 6% agents, because they do more transactions (having more experience) than most agents. Do not go with the cheapest flat fee agents, pay a little more and get much better service.

Flat Fee Realtor

The main differences flat fee Ardentown Delaware Multiple Listing Service and traditional services, flat fee allows the seller to sell as a for sale by owner in and not pay a commission. With traditional commissioned real estate agents, if you sell your own property, you will own the agent a high commission. Flat fee listing allows the customer to sell as a FSBO and with an agent, having the best of both worlds.

You are not a for sale by owner FSBO on the MLS ffor a flat fee, you are listed with an agent but still have the option to sell your own property without paying a buyer agent commission. We are a discount real estate broker from the normal 6% commission. Flat Rate or Flat Fee MLS listing services have been around for years, but is fast becoming more popular when selling your property.


Flat Fee MLS listing Ardentown Delaware 

Ardentown Delaware you'll also find some smaller flat fee MLS listing services that specialize in particular cities. These local companies are more likely to offer flexible flat fee service packages and bring more area expertise than the national 3rd party referal sites. Every flat fee MLS company is different. Make sure to read the fine print when evaluating offerings to make sure you're getting a fair deal, or better call the company an make sure they will be listing your property and not referring you to a different broker.


Do real estate agents avoid flat fee listings?

The answer is NO. Your listing will appear on the MLS as any other listing, there is no difference. Buyers are looking on the internet for their own property and calling their agent to show the property. Real estate agents ultimately want to find the right house for their clients. If your home fits a buyer’s needs and criteria, their agent won’t pass up on showing your home. The key to selling is getting on the MLS and pricing your property correctly.


Flat Fee Listing keys to selling a property.

1. List on the MLS for a flat fee, it's the best way and save a ton of money.
2. Price your home/property correctly 
3. Good photos
4. Make your property look nice when the buyer comes out for a showing


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Frequently Asked Questions

Flat Fee Group has been regarded to be among best Delaware flat fee companies. It is a nationwide association of REALTORS® who are flat fee brokers. Each broker has been licensed by the state and you will deal with then directly.
Flat Fee MLS Listing is likely the best method to sell real estate. Full service flat fee brokers will provide the exact same level of service as from traditional 6% brokers.
There could be a couple of reasons why everyone don't list for a flat fee. For starters, the average sellers have not heard of listing with the Flat Fee MLS method, and also, the ones who have been aware think they're doing something different than classic listings. With a flat fee listing service there's nothing different other than paying much less for essentially the same exact service.