Flat Fee Listing   vs. Traditional 6% Companies


Cost Flat Fee plus offered agent commission      6%, even if you sell your own home
Commission Offered to Buyer Agent 1% - 3% 1% - 3%
Agent Friendly Yard Sign Yes, depends on plan Yes
Listing on Realtor.com Yes Yes
Source of Most Buyers Internet  Internet
Ability to sell your home by owner & not pay a commission                         Yes No
Provide Market Analysis Yes, depends on plan Yes
Buyer Agents Show Listings Yes Yes
Come out to your home No Probably
Agent-friendly Lock boxes Yes Yes
Top Producing agent Yes Probably not, depends on agent
Experience 29 years in Real Estate average 2 years
List properties in local Realtors MLS Yes Yes
Realtor.com Listing Yes Yes
Provide help in closing and negotiations Yes Yes
Showingtime ( Showing Service) Yes, depends on market area Yes, depends on agent and market area
Cancel listing at anytime at no cost Yes No
Listing on many third party web sites, like Zillow Yes, if available Yes, if available
Chances of listing agent selling property Less than 1% Less than 1%
For Sale By Owner * Once Listed you are a "Listed Property" Once Listed you are a "Listed Property"
Can list without a scheduled meeting Yes Probably
Can list within 2 business days Yes Yes

Sample cost to sell a $250,000 property 

Our Full Service #1 listing  -  $6,675
Traditional 6% Companies  -  $15,000

How would you like $8,325 more at sale!

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