How our Flat Fee Program works: 

Same MLS as 6% agents but for a lot less money. Your listing looks the same as all other listings.
* Buyer agents bring buyers directly to you and you offer to pay them 2-3% (the commission is stated on the MLS) 
* We deduct the Minimum Service Fee** from the agent commission offered on the Listing Agreement to compensate for the extra duties required by LA Real Estate Commission.  If the buyer is not working with an agent, we charge the minimum service fee or double the minimum service fee*** depending on the original listing package ordered to take care of the paperwork on both sides.  We will still represent you and the buyer will be a customer.  (IF YOU ORDER THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THE MINIMUM SERVICES AT CLOSING)

Commissions are negotiable and not set by law. 6% commission is used as an example.
Louisiana Law requires Listing agents to represent their client on any listing, Limited or Full Service. All offers, counter offers, inspection and other contract paperwork must be sent to the listing agent if there is a Buyer's agent in the transaction. Buyer's agents are not allowed to negotiate directly with the seller on a listed property.

**Minimum Service Fee
Fee at closing are (based on sales price):
.002 above $400,000
.0025 from $100,000 to $399,999 
.00375 from $50,000 to $99,999

$350,000 - $875 at closing
$550,000 - $1100 at closing

Please let me know if you have any questions.

*** We charge double the Minimum Service Fee if you add on representation, paperwork and transaction coordination later.
 Example:  You order a Basic Listing and you want to add on representation, paperwork and transaction coordination for an unrepresented buyer transaction.  If the sale is between $100,000 and $399,999 then we would charge .005 of the sales price at closing for this service.  Our Premium and Ultimate Listing packages have these services included in the package price at the Minimum Service Fee, cost at close for similar sales price is .0025 of the sales price.