Listing on the MLS for a flat fee is the exact same thing as listing with a 6% REALTOR®. You are just paying less money to get the exact same service. We are REALTORS® and a BROKER. Your listing looks exactly the same as all other listings. You can sell your property to someone not represented by an agent and NOT pay a buyer agent commission, however if an agent brings a buyer, that agent will need to be paid a commission. This is perfect for For Sale By Owners and all other property owners.
We normally have you listed within 1-2 business days after we receive the paperwork & photos. Photos must be in Jpeg format. Some I Phones and I pads are causing difficulty with the Columbia MLS. Please use Digital Camera if possible.Must be sized in 640X480. We expect you to get us the photos sized appropriately or get a professional to take the photos is a good investment in marketing.
Yes, we put your contact info on the MLS for agents to call you if they have questions if allowed in the MLS. On national sites they don't allow Owners phone #'s. In some markets the MLS does not permit owners phone #'s as well. We have no control over MLS policy on this. In some markets there are centralized showing services that coordinate showings with the Sellers phone #.
Your phone number goes on the info-line for some of our pakages . Buyers can contact you directly if you put out flyers or advertise it. Please tell them you are listed and if you enter a contract make sure they are not represented by an Agent or you will be looking at paying them a commission. Keep us informed of any offers and contracts to comply with the rules of our MLS's and laws of S.C. If you don't Agents can give you a full price offer with no contingencies and you might end up owing them a commission. We must represent the current status of the listing ASAP to protect you . THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Failure to do this will results of fines from the MLS passed on to you.

Agents will either deliver a copy to you or email us a copy and we will forward to you. We need all paperwork to comply with state laws and local MLS rules.In the MLS on limited service listings Agents are given permission to deal with you directly and told to forward us paperwork.
Our Company # accordig to state law must be on the sign and rules of MLS. Your # can go on the Info-line on the sign with your extension.
We started  Real Estate Advocates in 1991 in Columbia and now serve the 6  largest markets in the state. Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, Anderson, Myrtle Beach, Spartanburg and  Charleston. We can refer you to our Broker network in any other markets in the U.S and have over 25 local Brokers and Agents who are licensed with our company  in S.C. This gives us a competitive advantage over out of state companies not familiar with rules, laws and other information about our markets. We know the areas, schools, give local mls secure electronic lockboxes and know other Agents, Lenders, home inspectors, Attroneys and other local professionals. We are there on the ground and not in another state .
When clients listen to our suggestions, it is over 80%. One of the keys to selling a home is the list price. If you list your home too high, it will most likely not sell quickly. With our program you save 3% on the listing side and more on the buying side if you secure the Buyer with no Buyer Agent involvement. That leaves you more $'s to negotiate sales price, offer closing costs, or Buyer Agent bonuses to show and sell your home. Success is larely a function of location and condition of the house and does not change with a change in Agents. WE suggest offering 3 % to  BUyer's Agents so there is no disincentive in showing and selling our listings.
This will vary with Agents. Some work 7 days a week and start by 6 a.m. and work evenings.
It is posted on the MLS for agents to see and most Agents look at it quickly to see what they are getting paid. On the input sheets it says SB which means selling broker commission. Paying less then 3% can deter some Agents from showing your property. AGENTS DON'T NO WHAT ISOUR COMMISSION . THEY ARE CONCERNED WITH WHAT THET RECEIVE.
Yes, you may cancel your listing at ANYTIME, unless your home is under contract. We will REFUND part or all of your listing fee if you allow us to refer you to any full service Agent and your house closes and we get paid our normal referral fee. On free listing cancellation r
No, only a licensed Agent who is member at their local MLS board can list on the MLS. There is no other way. You are listed with Real Estate Advocates and have a By Owner no commission option. 
You only pay the flat fee at time of listing and you owe us no money at closing on most of our programs unless negotiated for further services.
The buyer's agent and title company do most of the paperwork, but we are here to assist IN ALL LISTING PAPERWORK similar to any traditional Agent with our full service program.
Many sellers do use this option. However, some have never heard of listing for a flat fee and some feel there is some catch or it is too good to be true. The more research you do, you will see this is the best way to sell a property.
Your MLS# is generated at the time we list your property on the MLS. Once listed we will email you a link to your listing and your MLS number.
No, as your listing looks just like all other listings on the MLS. You are listed the exact same way as all other listings. How much money you pay us to list your property is not posted on the MLS and agents are not concerned with how much you paid us, only how much is their commission split.
We feel that Pay Pal is a better MORE SECURE way to protect your transaction. Zelle, Venmo, or check is the desired method of payment for your security and ours.  We input your listing after payment is made.  We do have LOCAL AGENTS availalble in all markets for flexibility of payment or you can even Bill pay into our account. 
Yes, you can find out more information on our local Broker site You can search 4 S.C. mls's and can get a history of the property, price changes, and may find out why they are selling and motivation to sell. You can get from $500-$5000 rebate on any listed houe depending on the price, Agent , and commission paid if the house is price at $90,000 or more. Other markets we can co broke with our partners.