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Typing your signature below is equivalent to signing your actual signature: By typing my signature and sending it via the Internet, I acknowledge, understand, and agree that my electronic signature is the equivalent of a manual written signature.
I understand that once I click the below "Submit Your Order" Button, there are No Refunds to the dollar amount above or any other items I may order, as I understand I am paying for Street Realty/Debbie Kent and her staff’s time answering questions via phone/email, setting up my account, etc and understand my FSBO listing goes live after completed of Steps 1-3.  I can choose to do all or part of the package at any time.
I understand I am not paying a commission to the listing company but I am paying a commission to the agent that brings in a buyer – if I am placing my home in the MLS.
I understand if I ordered a sign or lockbox, I will be charged the deposit and tax.  All other tangible items, I will be charged tax.
All Listings/Changes are up and running within 1-2 business days (Mon - Fri 9-5 pm). FSBO is closed Holidays and Weekends.
I am required to send Debbie w/Cottage Street Realty (CSR) / FSBO a full copy of my ratified contract within 12 hrs of ratification to meet the MLS Rule requirement.
On Settlement Day, I will provide CSR my Seller Signed Closing Statement (formerly called HUD-1) within 12 hrs of signing to meet the MLS Rule requirement.
Should I fail to provide the contract and the HUD within timeframe, I understand that CSR will get fined & then I will be responsible for that fine – which is typically $500-$1000.
I understand ALL Signs/Lockbox are rentals & I must return them via mail or drop off to a For Sale By Owner location before Closing, Cancellation or MLS expiration IN CLEAN, REUSABLE CONDITION.
Cancellation cannot take effect until return of all rented items.
All Refunds take 2-4 wks. There is a $25 check/credit card decline fee per decline. Please be sure to put your correct billing address and zip, credit card #, exp date and 3 digit is accurate.

Please Note: Price Changes are always Free - however all other changes are $15 including the required MLS Status Changes (Under Contract, Solds, Withdrawn, Etc.) - unless you ordered a package that includes Unlimited Changes.   
Unlimited changes gives you unlimited text changes, unlimited status changes and two complete sets of photo changes.  AVAILABLE ONLY AT AD PLACEMENT  - (Open Houses are not included in unlimited changes)

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