How our Flat Fee Program works:  Toll Free:  877-FLAT-FEE

Same MLS as 6% agents but for a lot less money. Your listing looks the same as all other listings.
* Sell BY OWNER and pay no buyer agent commission.
* Buyer agents bring buyers directly to you and you offer to pay them 2%, 2.5%, 3% or higher!
(the commission is stated on the MLS) 
Our Full Service package gives sellers the competitive edge they need to get listed and Sell & Save!  96% Success Rate with Sellers that list Full Service over the Entry Only - Premium Package.
Let's face it as a home owner you can show the property, host open houses and you may even find a buyer completely on your own.  Leave the negotiating and the paper processing to the pros- We have sold thousands of properties, Have many have you Sold?  Exactly it's why we have such great reviews and testimonials!
So List Full Service get the advise you need and the results you desire!

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