(Note, the above is an example only. Commission rates vary by state law, it could be higher or lower.)
Building a new, custom home? Buying a new home? Buying an Existing Home?
Building with a custom builder like Toll Brothers, Pulte or any other builder?

If you're looking for your next home, why not get paid to do it? 


We are a full service real estate company with over 20 years of experience and hundreds of sales closed. You sacrifice nothing by using us. We are here to guide you through the home buying process and fully represent you NO DIFFERENTLY than any other buyers agent. Our rebate is simply an incentive for you to work with us. If you're searching for a home, why not get paid to do it?

Here's what the DOJ (Department of Justice) says on rebates, see the article here...

How to earn buyer real estate rebate at closing!

Step #1:  If you've just begun searching and have questions, email me by clicking here.  Download our Buyer's Advantage cash rebate kit and complete the paperwork to enroll.

Step #2: Get pre approved: Most agents don't want to show a home to you unless you've been pre approved.

  • When you're ready to make an offer, a pre approval lends credibility and is almost a requirement from listing agents. Most offers won't be presented unless the offer has a pre approval with it.
  • Sellers are unlikely to take an offer seriously without a pre approval.

Step #3: Make sure you let any agent you come in contact with know that you already have an agent, us.  If you do not do this, that agent will assume you are their buyer! This is critical! Simply tell them you already have a buyer's agent and you're just out looking at homes.

Step # 4:  Seeing homes you're interested in: If you are looking for a home in the Omaha NE / Council Bluffs IA area, where our office is located, we will be glad to show you houses. If you are looking outside of the Omaha NE area, we can still represent you, but it would not be feasible to show you properties.

There are three ways buyers look at houses when their agent is not able to be present.

1) Attend an open house. Make sure the agent at the open house understands that you already have an agent;

2) We can try to arrange a showing with the listing agent, but they may not be open to it. If that is the case, call the listing agent yourself. Remember, the listing agent represents the seller, NOT YOU, THE BUYER. Therefore, you want to make sure that you hold your cards close to your vest. Don't give the agent any information that they may be able to use to benefit their client, the seller. Many listing agents will be willing to show you the property, because they want to sell it. Hearing from the buyer often carries more weight than hearing from a buyer's agent. Some will be hesitant, because they don't want to do the extra work. You may want to offer those agents $50 -$100 for showing you the house payable if you end up buying it.

3) Stop by the house and ring the doorbell. Introduce yourself as an interested buyer and show them a copy of your mortgage approval letter. Sometimes sellers will be OK with showing their house themselves, otherwise If the seller is hesitant you can suggest that they call me to verify that you are working with me.

NOTE: If you're buying a new home from a builder in a subdivision just let the builder / developer know you have an agent. Suggest they call us to confirm or I'll be happy to call them. This is very simple on new homes!

You should not look for homes unless you have been formally approved by a lender!
Typically, buyer’s agents schedule and attended showings.  Listing agents want their listings sold but both listing agents and buyer’s agents have their perceived duties to perform to earn their commissions.
The listing agent's phone number is generally found on the listing and sign, if not, you should be able to call the office number on the advertisement or sign and they can forward your call to the agent. You could also Google the address.

When you call the listing agent to see their listing they may think that you don't have an agent since you're calling them direct. Inform them that you do have an agent but you wish to arrange the showing directly with them. Occasionally, they may be offended as the listing agent expects the buyer’s agent to drive out and show you the property. Explain that your agent is unable to show you the house at this time (see suggested scripts below).  

If the listing agent gives you resistance try the techniques below!

"I'm calling because I would like to see your listing at ____________. I have an agent but they're out of town and I am wondering if you can show me the property. I am ready to buy and have my pre approval. I’ve narrowed my choices down to just a few homes and this is one of them!"

"My agent is out of town but I would really like to get in to see your listing at ______. Can you tell me when a convenient time would be for you? I’m pre approved, ready to buy and really like this home!"

If you have any trouble scheduling a tour with a listing agent, just call me at 402-660-6453. I'll make sure you get into the property!

Step #5: Once you find a home, complete the Buyer's Checklist For Making an Offer and email it to us. We will draft the offer and send it to you for your  review and signature. Upon receipt we will forward it to the listing agent for the seller's acceptance or a counteroffer. We will negotiate the terms to help you get the best deal possible.

Step #6: Once an offer is accepted we take over and handle the rest of the paperwork, guide you through the inspection and appraisal process and move towards closing (see timeline below). After the house closes and the listing Broker pays us, we will send your rebate to you.

Don’t let the rebate fool you.  You are fully represented.  We bring over 20 years of experience and hundreds of closings to the table.  As your buyer’s agent, we are committed to getting you the lowest price and best terms on your next home!
With Berkshire Real Estate you have the best of both worlds, flat fee listings to save you thousands of dollars selling and buyer rebates when you’re buying. We can even offer you commission rebates on homes bought anywhere in the USA!! Check out our Relocation Rebate program. We are committed to making the home buying and selling experience the best it can possibly be while saving you the most money possible.

Timeline for Accepted offers

Most lenders ask for at least 30 days to close a loan and prefer 45 days. A 30 day closing may be possible for proactive buyers that started the loan process before buying the house by providing the lender with all the documentation needed to credit and income qualify the buyer.

  1. EARNEST DEPOSIT: By Day 1)The Earnest Deposit is mailed or delivered to the Escrow company (if the contract specifies that they hold the deposit) immediately upon acceptance of the contract. The deposit must be sent/delivered ASAP.
  2. HOME INSPECTION: By Day 1) Call the home inspection company on day one that you want to handle the inspection and arrange for them to inspect the house within the allotted time in the Purchase Agreement. The usual time allotted is within 10 days of acceptance. Most home inspections cost between $300 & $500 depending on the size of the house. A radon test usually runs an additional $100 to $150. Inspectors are busy, so it is important to get a spot on their schedule right away .
  3. PAPERWORK:  By Day 1) Email a copy of your contract to the escrow agent and your lender so they can start processing your file.
  4. INSPECTION:  By Day 10) Coordinate a time to have you and the inspector meet at the home to inspect the property. Typically the inspection will take 4 hours as they'll check virtually every part of the home. It's critical you attend the "walk through" at the end of the inspection so the inspector can show you the results of his inspection and answer any questions you may have. The inspector should be asked to send us a copy of the Summary Report. The seller is usually not there.
  5. INSPECTION ISSUES: By Day 10) Most homes will have some inspection issues. You will need to determine if you 1) Accept the condition of the house as is, 2) Accept it subject to certain repairs made by the seller, 3) Reject the house. In the case of the second option we will work with you to determine the issues that you want the seller to remedy and will draft up an addendum requesting those repairs. In the case of options 1 or 3, we will draft up an addendum as well.  NOTE: The inspection results are not meant to renegotiate the offer or put the screws to the seller. It is meant to come to a fair solution to issues at hand.
  6. APPRAISAL: By Day 15 - 20) Once you are satisfied with the inspection, ask your lender to order the appraisal. This assumes that the credit and income parts of the loan processing have been completed and evaluated by your loan officer. You're responsible to pay for the appraisal, some lenders will ask for an up front deposit to cover the cost. A local appraiser is contacted, goes out and does the appraisal. This should not take more than a week to ten days. It is a good idea to stay on top of your loan officer to prevent delays! You don't want the ball dropped here and end up with a delay. If the appraisal comes in at or above the agreed upon price you should be able to close without any issues. Just make sure you work closely with your lender to get them any documentation needed to resolve any outstanding conditions.
  7. WALK THROUGH: By Day 30 -45) You may want to do a final walk through a day or two before closing to insure the house is in good order. Let us know when you want to do the walk through and we can set it up for you.
  8. CLOSING:  By Day 30 - 45) Once the lender has underwritten the loan and it is cleared to close the escrow agent will finalize the numbers. The lender typically provides the final closing figures to you, so you can get a cashiers check to bring to closing. All buyers will need to attend the closing and have picture ID with them.

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