How our Flat Fee Program works: 

* Same MLS as 6% agents but for a lot less money. Your listing looks the same as all other listings.
* Sell BY OWNER and pay no buyer agent commission.
* Buyer agents bring buyers directly to you and you offer to pay them their half, typically it's 3%.
(the commission is stated on the MLS) 

Listing is easy:
1. Choose the program.
2. You'll be taken to the order page that is secure so you can checkout with a credit card or Paypal.
3. Complete digital docs online (no printing or faxing). This takes about 20 minutes.
4. Email photos to us.
5. We will call you to review your order.

Once we have your documents; listing agreement, sellers disclosures, lead-based paint (provided) and the datasheet giving us the info on your home and photos we login as the broker/member of the MLS & input your listing. We have you listed generally within 24 hours.

If we need to adjust/modify/correct the listing, it's done immediately.

Proud to be your broker,

Robb Krautbauer
Mountain View Realty LLC

I look forward to helping you sell and save
call or email me anytime