Showingtime is service/app many Realtors use to show homes. It makes scheduling showings super easy and all sellers should utilize this service.

Here is how it works:  

1. The Realtor/buyers agent searches and finds a listing then they see a little "Showing Time" icon.


2. They click the little icon and a box pops up to request a date/time to show your home. 

3. We input your name, phone/email into showing time. 

So, when the agent wants to see a home you automatically get an email/text or app on your phone so you can see and approve of the showing! It's super easy and convenient.

NOTE: The agents do not see lockbox info or instructions until they schedule a showing.  Also, it is imperative that we put in the lockbox or specific showing instructions or the agent requesting the showing will have no idea how to get in the home.

NOTE: When you as a seller receive a showing request you cannot see who the agent is requesting the showing. However, they see your info in Showingtime. This is why it is imperative we have specific instructions in Showingtime as to how the agent will get in. The lockbox is the preferred way but if no lockbox we need specifics as to how the agent will get in the home.