Buying A Home? 
Get Up To A 2% Buyer Rebate with our Cash Back Program

Buyers and Investors - Earn Cash Back!!

Virginia Buyer Rebate Program Buyers - Cash Back To You.


How Much of a Rebate Will You, The Buyer Receive?

$400,000 Home, 3% is $12,000 = $8,000 to buyer and $4,000 to us.
$600,000 Home, 3% is $18,000 = $12,000 to buyer and $6,000 to us. 
$900,000 Home, 3% is $27,000 = $18,000 to buyer and $9,000 to us.

We bring years of experience to the table too to get you the best possible price!


HOW Much of a Rebate Will YOU, The Buyer, Receive??
You can receive up to 2% of our 3% commission.  The amount depends on the commission being offered and on the amount of time we spend with you.

Whether you are a buyer or investor looking to buy a home that is listed in the MLS or a home from a Builder or a For Sale By Owner Home that is offering a commission to the Buyer Agent, this program is for you.  It's simple, if you use one of our in-house agents as your buyer's agent, we will rebate up to 2% of our 3% commission to you at clsoing!  If the commission being offered by the seller is less than 3%, then your rebate will be slightly less.

If you find your dream home on your own, why shouldn't you get paid to do some of the work? 


  1. Simply fill out the Buyer Rebate Packet and return to us. This packet includes the form that states we are working for you as your buyer's agents.  In addition, it gives the broker the information she needs to give you the rebate.  This packet also explains in greater detail how the program works.  If you find it confusing or have more questions - do not hesitate to give us a call.
  2. You need to be pre approved by a lender. This can be done in just a few minutes over the phone.  We have several lenders we can recommend so you can comparison shop - but you can use anyone you like.  Most Realtors will not consider an offer without a pre-qual letter submitted with the offer.
  3. Our office can set up MLS alerts to help in your search for homes.  The MLS will alert you whenever a home hits the market that meets your search criteria.  You also have the flexibility to change the search criteria.  You can also search local web sites,, and if you prefer.  You can call us for more information on a home that is of interest at any time.
  4. Be sure to inform a builder that you have a Realtor and if you sign their register, be sure to sign your name and your agent's name - call us for the agent info.
  5. Once you have found the home, then it is time to make the offer. We will go over the entire offer with you. You will then sign the offer and we will submit it to the listing agent.  If your offer is accepted, we will guide you through the rest of the process all the way to closing. Next....
  6. You will receive our rebate to you at closing on the ALTA (formerly called HUD) if the lender allows it - see paperwork for more details! You can use the rebate as part of your down payment or to help pay for closing costs!
Buyer Rebate Program for Virginia Home Buyers

Virginia Buyer Rebate Cash Back Program FAQ and Sign Up Packet

Why Do I Have to Sign a Buyer Agent Agreement?