Jack McLemore - REALTOR®
Jack's Texas Real Estate Commission License History 
Jack McLemore has been a licensed REALTOR® since 1998 and a Broker since 2000.  He started selling real estate at Prudential, and then moved to ReMax before starting
Listing Results, LLC. Jack's primary functions are sales/marketing, website management, contract negotiations and helping sellers with pricing and getting their property sold.

Sheila McLemore - REALTOR®
Sheila's Texas Real Estate Commission License History
Sheila McLemore has been a licensed agent/REALTOR® since 1999 and was at ReMax before starting Listing Results, LLC. Sheila's primary functions are office administration, contract negotiations, customer service, and data input of listings.

Garrett McLemore - REALTOR®
Garrett's Texas Real Estate Commission License History
Garrett McLemore
 has been working with LR as an assistant since 2017 and  a licensed REALTOR® since 2018. His primary functions are customer service,
data input of listings, buyer’s agent and contract negotiations.

Carli McLemore
Carli McLemore is a licensed agent since 2022. She helps with all functions in the office.


Listing Results Logo

* We have a BBB A+ rating with real reviews

* Listed and sold thousands of homes since 1998

* We have worked for the traditional real estate companies in the past (Prudential - now called Berkshire Hathaway & ReMax)

* We own a site call www.sendoffer.com this allows you to the offer the same time we do 24/7. There is no lag time with you receiving the offer. If the agent sends a 2AM, you will get it at 2AM.

* We also own at site called www.setshowing.com this for "By Owner" buyers to contact you directly for showings or questions.

* Your contact info is in private agent remarks for agents to contact you directly with questions.

* On our full service we use docusign for sales contracts. This makes signing contract very simple.

* We use www.showingtime.com for agents to set showing (on most listing plans)