Public Web Sites Disclaimer – We list your property on your local MLS system. Each MLS system has different and many common public web sites, to which they download. This is beyond our control and is a function of the MLS in your area. For the reason mentioned, we cannot guarantee your property will be listing on public websites and cannot guarantee content or number of photos on these sites (these site are in business to sell leads to agents) the only control we have over content is through the MLS, however, we do guarantee your home will be listed on the MLS. There seems to be more issues with rental and commercial listings not showing up on various sites. Again, this is totally beyond our control as with any real estate agent. On our site, we publish many sites that your property will show up on and there are many sites that your property will show up on, that we do not mention. There is not “one big MLS system” but rather a bunch of MLS systems specific to each region, but once your home is on your MLS, it will download to many public websites. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.  The number of photos allowed is a function of the local MLS (15-32 photos depending on the MLS). Some MLS's are not downloading to websites like Zillow & Trulia..

Leads from websites like Zillow and - These sites are owned by companies that are in business to sell leads to agents. Most of the time we do not get any leads from these sites but if we do, we give them your contact information. This will have no bearing on the sale of your property as it works this way with all agents. An interested buyer will come look at your property.



Effective 5/1/20 GTAR MLS will no longer be supplying listing data to Zillow and Trulia.

“After months of information, research and diligent consideration, the GTAR Board of Directors determined a renewal of our contract with Zillow would not be in the best interest moving into the future.”

- Holly Hightower, 2020 Chairman of the Board – Greater Tyler Association of REALTORS®

In Tyler, you can still be on these sites, but you will have to post your own listing as a FSBO it will not be a data feed from GTAR

Your contact info will be on the MLS for agents to call you with questions. When potential buyers or Tennant call into our phone system they are directed to to get your contact info and on our sign they are directed at 

We comply completely with SB 810 on all our listing packages (along with all rules and regulations by TREC, TAR, NAR & MLS Boards) - that includes a provision that requires a broker who represents a party or who lists real property under an exclusive agreement to: inform the party of material information related to the transaction, including the receipt of an offer by the broker, and answer the party's questions and present any offer to or from the party. The bill prohibits a broker who represents a party from telling another broker to negotiate directly with the broker's client. The bill further provides that, for purposes of 1101.157, a license holder who has additional authority to bind a party under a power of attorney or a property management agreement is considered a party to the lease or sale; an inquiry to an employee of a builder or developer about contract terms or forms does not violate §1101.652(b)(22) if the person does not have authority to bind the employer to the contract; the delivery of an offer to a party does not violate §1101.652(b)(22) if the party's broker consents to the delivery and a copy of the offer is sent to the party's broker; and provides an exception to the requirement of sending a copy of the offer to a party's broker if the party is a governmental agency using a sealed bid process that does not allow a copy to be sent to the broker.

Sign post not included with sign. Sign is 18"x24" - Sign frame can be purchased and Home Depot, Lowes and many hardware stores. Many times owners have already purchased a "for sale by owner sign" and our sign can be used with these frames, in most cases.

You can still sell your home as a For Sale By Owner and we are still here to advise but do not need or want to be put on the contract. We will need a copy of the contract to close out on the MLS.


Fair Housing and Renting

We are committed to helping everyone find their way home and are dedicated to insuring everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. We value our users’ diverse backgrounds and contributions to their communities, and we expect all users to comply with local, state and federal fair housing laws. We urge our users to look beyond fair housing laws and treat others without prejudice, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, veteran status, disability status, marital status, or age.

By using our rental MLS Listing service, landlords and property managers agree to adhere to the following conditions:


  • Comply with all applicable federal, state and local fair housing laws.
  • Treat all rental applicants with respect.
  • Be honest.
  • Use good judgment.
  • Apply the golden rule.

Do not:

  • Decline or treat a rental applicant differently based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or the presence of children, as this is illegal under the Fair Housing Act and prohibited on Listing Results, LLC platform.
  • Decline or treat a rental applicant differently based on any other class protected by the laws of your state and local government (e.g., sexual orientation, gender identity, military status or marital status), as this is illegal and prohibited on Listing Results, LLC platform.
  • Post any listing or make any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any applicant on account of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, the presence of children or any other class protected by the laws of your state and local governments.
  • Use any discriminatory, abusive, obscene or threatening language.

The bottom line

Treat all applicants with fairness and respect.

If we feel you have violated any of these conditions or other applicable federal, state or local laws, we reserve the right to restrict access from the platform.

We enjoy having you here — thank you for helping us make the rental application process easier for everyone.

— The Listing Results, LLC Team


Fair Housing Guide for Landlords

National Fair Housing Alliance

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Fair Housing: What You Need to Know