Pros vs. Combo Key Box
* A little easier for agents to get access. They have access with their phone or display key pad.
* More secure than combo key box as they can only be accessed certain time range of  day.
* Should there be an issue, we could see the agents that have accessed but you do not have access to this info.

Cons vs. Combo Key Box
* Combo Key Box is included with most listing packages and Supra is an extra fee.
* We ship to you unlocked, so when you lock up, you no longer have access. Only buyers agents will have access.
* There is a deposit when ordering, so to get deposit back, you will have to get the buyer agent to remove and should they not do this, you would loose your deposit. You need to ask the agent to remove on the last showing, inspection or when they get the keys for the buyer. We ship instructions with the key box, with the shackle code the agent will need to remove.