Home buying rebates




How Much of a Rebate Will You Receive?

$300,000 Property = $4500
$500,000 Property = $7500
$800,000 Property = $12,000
$1,500,000 Property = $22,500

* Rebates are based on a 3% buyer agent commission, which is the normal rate. If seller is offering less than 3%, your rebate will be less.

How to get your rebate at closing:
* Find your home
* Look at photos
* Look at home on google earth
* Drive by and look at home

When you are ready to make offer:
* Contact us before contacting listing agent or the owner

* Call us and we will call agent and make sure home is still available
* We will run comps & discuss
* Will need preapproval letter if financing
* Will need "proof of funds" if paying cash
* Cannot write contingent offers in many cases
* Will show go show you home, if you have not already seen
* We will write offer and handle negotiation process
* You will receive rebate at closing



What Is a Home Buyer Rebate?

Home buyer rebates, also known as commission rebates, are when a real estate agent who’s helping their client buy a home gives a portion of the commission they receive from the seller back to their client.

The buyer can use this rebate for their down payment, closing costs, to buy points on their mortgage, and in some cases, can even take the rebate as cash at closing. It’s important to note that if you’re using a mortgage lender to finance your home, they have to approve how you use the rebate. Many lenders won’t let you take the rebate as cash at closing.

Commission rebates allow you to afford a more expensive home, or to save on your down payment for your dream home.

In a sellers market, home buyer rebate is a powerful tool that savvy buyers can use to stand out from their competitors. If a home is listed at $400,000, a buyer that’s receiving a rebate could potentially offer $406,000—and pay the exact same amount as another buyer that offered $400,000.

For homes that receive multiple offers, this could be the difference between your offer being accepted, and months of searching for another home.


Where Are Home Buyer Rebates Legal?

Commission rebates are legal in 40 states, and the US Department of Justice supports making rebates legal in all 10 states.

In fact, the Department of Justice actively investigates any organization that tries to regulate real estate commissions. The DOJ is also leading a broad effort to educate states about the benefits of competitive real estate commissions in an effort to legalize rebates in all 50 states.

This graphic from the Department of Justice will let you know if home buyer rebates are legal in your state:

Where buyer rebated are legal


Are Rebates Tax Exempt?

The answer is yes. The IRS says that a cash rebate paid to a buyer of property at or after closing is an adjustment in the price, and is therefore not taxable income to the buyer. ... Since they are not taxable income, such rebates need not be reported on Form 1099-MISC. We do recommend that you consult with you accountant for verification. We can rebate you in the form of a check after closing, reduction in sales price (this could lower your cost basis for property taxes), or pay closing cost.