Buying & Selling With The Corona Virus

3.17.20   If you're considering selling, now is the time!  Do not let fear paralyze you... Life is like the weather. It is constantly changing.   We have smooth sailing for much of the time. Inevitably, a storm shows up. Sometimes it's a mild rain, other times it's a Cat 5 Hurricane... Either way, storms pass.

The Cornoa virus needs to be taken seriously but we can't let panic, fear or anxiety rule us! 

Now is the time to sell, why?

  • Spring Market is here! 
  • Inventory is low (great demand).
  • Rates are the lowest in decades.
  • Take minor steps to instill confidence in buyer's / showings and you'll be fine.
  • Our Flat Fee MLS program is simply the best out there. Sure, there are others doing it but we are the local, family owned broker / business that wants to take great care of you and instill a sense of confidence that not only is now the time to sell but we are here to guide you with a smooth process.

Take precautionary steps to instill confidence in buyers:

  • Tape a nice piece of paper on the front door that tells buyers your home is sanitary and virus free. 
  • Leave a sanitary package on the front porch, perhaps on a table so buyer's can be confident the minute they touch your door handle.
  • Leave another hand sanitizer in the kitchen with any other instructions or what you may have done to be proactive with your home / family to assure them your home is germ free.
  • Just as buyer's are worried about your home you're worried about them, it's a 2 way street.

The bottom line.   Don't let fear rule you. Although this virus is serious it will pass. we will need to adjust our habits to slow the spread of it.  We are at a window in time in my view with historically low rates, huge demand and the spring / summer. Don't miss this opportunity.  Have faith.

Thank you,
Jeff Kermath
broker / owner

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