Your flat fee mls listing with us is viewed the same as any other listing. It's the same mls listing, same mls as any other Realtor's. 

However, there is a distinction. If you choose a "Limited Service Flat Fee MLS Listing" some agents may shy away from showing your home. This is because  like most things in life, a few people can spoil it for everyone... Some sellers think they know what they are doing and do not. There are rules and protocol for buying and selling real estate. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. If the seller does not understand how to make a deal, negotiate, deal with issues then it leaves a bad taste in the buyer's agent's mouth so to say. So, the next time an agent sees a limited service, flat fee mls listing they could shy away from showing it because they many not to deal with the hassle (their perception).

Our Full Realtor Service option is really the way to go. For not too much more money we do everything a traditional agent does from start to finish. This takes the "Fear Factor" out of the equation.

The bottom line is Realtors show your listing like all other listings.