After we get a signed offer we usually have 2 hurdles to get past to close on the deal

1. Inspection:  The inspection is usually ordered immediately upon signing a deal. The inspection is usually done within the first week after the sales agreement is signed.   Typically, in years past the seller is rarely at the inspection, usually it's the buyer, inspector and buyer's agent.   

However, I find some inspectors are on a power trip pointing out every little thing (this is their job) but in many cases the inspector puts a great deal of fear into the  buyer. If it's a first time home buyer, sometimes they freak on small things and kill the deal.  Sometimes too the inspector is quoting crazy high prices to repair items like furnace, windows and many other things. The net result is the buyer walks...

What to do?   BE PRESENT FOR THE INSPECTION & APPRAISAL.  I don't mean follow them around the entire time but perhaps show up at the end to address any issues right off the bat. If you as the seller want to be there the entire time, that's fine too, it's your home.  Being present enables you to discuss any possible issues in my view. NOTE: It may make the buyer's agent uncomfortable but we aren't concerned about that. We're concerned about addressing issues from the get go.

2. Appraisal:   AFTER the inspection is done and all parties agree that it is then it's on to the appraisal.  Again, in past years the seller is not there. However, these days with banks sending appraisers out that may or may not know the area it's best you as seller are there for the appraisal.  I would recommend creating a Word doc with the features and all of the improvements with costs on this paper and hand it to the appraiser. I would discuss it too so the appraiser confirms the square footage of your home, bedrooms, baths, everything. Again, this heads off any inaccuracies from the appraiser.  Remember, they want to get in and out as fast as they can and many time overlook things.

So, if you really want this to work be present for inspection and appraisal. After that it's clear sailing to closing!