Home Buyer Rebates! Get Paid To Buy Your Next Home!


(Note, the above is an example only. Commission rates vary by state law, it could be higher or lower)

Buying another home? Why not get paid to do it? 


Most home buyers are doing the work to find their next home. Why not get paid to do it?

As an incentive to work with us, we give part of our "Buyers Agency Commission" back to you  at closing. Home Buyer Rebates help reduce the price of your new home or it can be used as a credit at closing toward reducing your down payment!

How Do I Get My Home Buyer Rebate?

1. Find your next home (or let us help you).
2. We draw up the offer (like a regular buyer's agent)
3. At closing you get the rebate.

How are we different than other companies?

We are the direct broker / member of the local MLS, NOT a third party like many other sites. With us you work direct. We are the broker / member of the local MLS.

How Does the home buyer rebate work?

When a seller lists their home for sale with a Realtor, they usually agree to pay 6% (commission varies), commission at closing. Half or typically 3% goes to the listing agent & the other half  or 3% goes to the buyers agent (us).  We simply split our commission with you as an incentive for you to work with us!

Are Home Buyer Rebates Legal?

Yes, in 40 states (as of 12.18)  Here is a map showing the states position on rebates

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