Flat Fee Rental Listing

List your home for rent in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  As most sellers know, listing their home in the mls is the best way to sell. Listing your home doing a flat fee rental listing in the mls produces great results too!

When you list your home for rent in the mls it automatically datafeeds or goes to tons of other sites like: Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and a host of other sites. If you rent by owner then you pay no commission. If a Realtor brings you a renter the typical commission is 1/2 month's rent, very affordable!

Stop running ads on Craigslist, facebook or local newspapers, this works very well!

Why do a flat fee rental listing?


  •   Since you're in the MLS, thousands of Realtors see the listing who work with renters trying to find them a home. They now see your home for rent and show it.
  • The flat fee rental listing datafeeds to tons of sits for amazing exposure!
  • We forward all leads to you!
  • If you rent by owner then no commission.
  • If a Realtor brings you a renter pay them 1/2 months rent as commission, very affordable!
Questions & Answers

Q.  How much is the rental listing?
A.  Pricing is the same as homes listed for sale on our home page.

Q.  Who does the back ground check on flat fee rentals?
A.  The buyers agent or Realtor will bring the renter and provide a back ground check & credit report if you wish. Here is a great site to check someones cresit, see 

Q.  Who does the lease?
A.  The Realtor can do the lease or you can easily google and find one. If you choose our "Full Service" option then we handle everything.

If you have other questions, please  contact me.
Jeff Kermath
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