A Flat Fee MLS listing is the same mls listing you would get with any real estate broker except instead of paying huge commission, usually 6% to 7% at closing, you pay a small, flat fee up front to be listed in your local MLS.  If you do a for sale by owner and find your own buyer, then you owe no other commission. If a Realtor brings you a buyer, you would be obligated to pay them their half, usually that is 2.5% to 3%. 

You have the best of both worlds! You have a flat fee mls listing and you are still really for sale by owner.

Keep in mind as a seller you will need to complete paperwork to get listed. One of the forms you need to sign is a listing agreement which verifies among other things the commission you as seller are offering for your flat fee mls listing.

The bottom line is Jeff has been a Realtor since 1989 and never believed in charging crazy commissions. The flat fee mls listing is simply the best way to sell a property.  

What could be better?
1. You get the same MLS listing as you'd get with any local agent.
2. Once in the MLS it automatically goes to hundreds of sites like zillow, trulia, realtor.com, C21, Keller Williams and the rest.

3. Worst case scenario, an agent brings you the buyer, pay them and save half of the commission.
4. Best case you find your own buyer and save everything less the up front fee.

Thank you!
Jeff Kermath
broker / owner.
Mr. Flat Fee Jeff